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Judy Baucom Hunter
Alice Bartlett Mabry
As Frankie used to say:  

"If you're lucky enough to be a Ribault Trojan.....then, you're lucky enough!"
Welcome Home Trojans - Class of '67
October 2014
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Ribault Senior High School
Jacksonville, Florida

Class of 1967     

Notes & Reminders
A familiar sight.....
Were any of these your lockers?
High Five!
C'mon, up on your feet.  Where's that school spirit?  

Give me an "R"
"A Wing, or is it B?"
Track is now paved with hi-tech composite surface

Ribault High School
1967 Calendar Photo
Tommy Holt
Class of '67
Happy Birthday to our October Classmates

Update on Emery Clance
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Marsha Sponholtz Reeves - 1
Alice Bartlett Mabry - 2
Robert Lovett - 3
Wayne O. Williams - 4
Keith Dobson - 5
Eva Cooner Shaw - 6
Carol Allen Heatwole - 6
Mary Jo Metts Jeffers - 7
Linda Sheffield Shepherd - 7
Eloise Spatafora Beyerle (Teacher) - 8
Alan Schnepel - 8
Scott Cannady - 8
George Bass - 9
Brenda Budd Russell - 9
Larry Waters - 11
Becky Day Laughlin - 13
Betsy Parks Trimble - 17
Sharon Dewberry Lord - 18
Gay Harrell - 18
Ken Morefield - 21
Sheryl Britt Morris - 22
Ronald Dixon - 24
Billy Gilsdorf - 26
Janet Griffin Bradley - 26
Allen Sapp - 26
Lamar Hillis - 27
Sherryl Wilson McDowell - 28
Brenda Cowart Driggers - 28
Bill Swearingen - 29

Larry Simpson
Class of '67
Frances Stewart
Class of '67

An Important Message from our Class President,
Wayne Williams

Marion Nowlin
Husband of Ann Smith Nowlin
Debbie Christopher Williams ('68)
Wayne Williams
Ann Smith Nowlin
Want to see more?  We have the photos of your former classmates that The Enquirer refused to publish. 

 Click here to see the rest of the photos, but we warn you.....they are graphic.
The Class of '67 held its collective 65th Birthday Party on August 16 in Jacksonville.  As is usually the case, there was little or no money for decorations. In an attempt to come up with something inexpensive, four of your classmates spent three months coming up with "memory labels" that we could attach to wine bottles.  Those individuals were Marigene, Alice, Judy & Sharon.  We would email suggestions back and forth until we finally came up with some phrases (or labels) that we thought would be interesting and bring back a few memories at the same time.
The Story Behind the Wine Bottles 
Of course, that meant that "someone" had to drink all of the wine in the bottles.  OK, so maybe we all did, and then we had some bottles that were donated.  But, after the contents were gone, then came the real task of washing the bottles and trying to get those darn labels off so we could apply our own.  The idea was to place three newly labeled wine bottles on each table, hopefully telling a little story about our time in school or that represented our 65 years of life in some way.  
Here are the labels we came up with, just in case you didn't make it to the party.  And if you didn't make the party, you were missed.

A Very Good Year

The Graduate


Dead Horse on a Front Porch

The Lovely Miss Mary Lee Walker

Tom B. (Ringleader)
Doug T. 
Jack W. 
Steve D. III
(and a few others who need to fess up)

The Kiss
(In Mrs. Uzal's Spanish I Class)

Alice & Lamar

Watching Mrs. Uzal Chase Alice from
B Wing to C Wing

Those Hot Pic 'N' Save Boys

Donnie M.
Tom B.
Jerry K.
Rudy M.

Judy B.
Frequent Shopper
​New York, New York
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Alice:  "Has Anyone Seen my Panty Girdle?
The one with the little blue butterfly"

The Flasher in Central Park asking:
"Where is the War Memorial?"
Marigene, Judy B. & Dianne C.

(Screaming can be heard as they run away)


Is finding Your Car in the Parking Lot

For an "Event"
Lasting More than 4 Hours - Call a Doctor
You're Kidding, Right?


Ann & Jan
Esta & Vesta
Marilyn & Carolyn

Larry & Jerry​

​Q:      What did Sharon Stone
             learn from Miss Sexton?

  A:      How to cross her legs!

Once after a severe sunburn,
she only wore band-aids on her TaTas.

"Why, Alan, whatever is that between your legs?

Miss Brackett
Marsha Marsha Marsha

Class Sponsor

Loyal Friend

The Trinity

Coke L. Barr, Principal
Millard "The Paddler" Brown, Vice Principal

Dean of Girls

Draft Lottery of 1969

First Number Drawn
(September 14th)

What was your Number?
Did you Win the Viet Nam Jackpot that Day?

Villagers & Ladybugs 
for Her

Gants & Gold Cups
for Him

Bass Weejuns 
for All

Trig or Treat


"Ask Me About My Students"

(You Know Who We're Referring to, Right?)
Hint:  You didn't dare be rowdy and walk past her classroom while she's teaching.  She'll pull you inside and embarrass you!

Tree of Life

He Took Us to Oz

Our Mr. Williams
Unlike No Other​

Held 30-Year County Record
for Most Points Scored
in a Basketball Game

67 Points Against Forest!

The Fabulous Skip Lewis!

While Mrs. Anderson was Away
the Girls Would Play

Cosmo Girls Have More Fun!

Ain't that right, Vicki, Una Jean, Pat,
Jeri, Rita, Linda & Ethel?

​Senior Skip Day

Bermuda Shorts

Strickland's Landing

M & M's
Menopause & Midlife

Hot Flashes
The real reason you sold your
home heating system at a yard sale

Your Memory?  What Memory?
The only thing you are able to retain now is water

"See Jack.....I told you this was a great place to go Trick or Treating!"