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Welcome Home Trojans - Class of '67
December 2015
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Ribault Senior High School
Jacksonville, Florida

Class of 1967     

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Tommy Holt
Class of '67

Prayers for Marigene Chappell O'Connor 10.1.2015

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“How 'bout it Santa!  I asked for someone tall, dark and handsome!”
Charlene Barrow
Class of '67
December, 1967
Ribault High School
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Dot Shivers
Class of '67
Billy Hicks
Class of '67
John Frank Albritton
June 22, 1949 - November 13, 2015

It is with deep regret and sadness that the Class of 1967 announces the passing of our classmate Frank Albritton.
Frank died on Friday, November 13, 2015 after battling throat cancer for many years with amazing courage, grace and faith. Frank’s family was able to be by his side the last week of his life. A very close family friend said it was a very sweet passing. 

Please visit Frank’s Facebook page to leave your condolences. Frank and Gail’s home address is 3809 Meek Drive, Jacksonville FL 32211.

In lieu of flowers the family requests you please consider a donation to either Marriage Today or CBN/700 Club These ministries were very dear to Frank.

Here is the beautiful message and pictures Frank furnished us in January 2009 to be included in our annual February Ribault Sweethearts Website Edition:

I am married to the greatest person, and my best friend, Gail Rhoden Albritton (Miss Ribault 1968). We married July 11, 1970, 20 days before Leo and Sarah Weber Smith (never knew that). We have four sons, John, Aaron, David and Adam, ranging from 28 to 36, four beautiful daughters (in-law, but we do not consider them that) and seven grand kids. John has his own roofing company, Aaron is one of the partners in RPM Automotive, David is a police officer with Jacksonville, and Adam is on the Special Ops team with Jacksonville Fire Rescue. We attend Jacksonville Vineyard Christian Fellowship on University Blvd. We closed the boat store in 2001 and I have been trying to find out what I want to be when I grow up ever since. Still here in Arlington—been there since we got married (second house but still Arlington).

Ribault Sweethearts 
Frank Albritton and Gail Rhoden Albritton 
Classes of '67 and '68

Written by Frank Albritton
January 2009

The Frank Albritton Family
Gary Coulliette

There was a tree at the end of the street where Edwina  and Frank lived. I don't remember who was with me, probably my brother Wesley and Charlie and Woody Boston. That fabled tree was where we first met Frank many years ago (Frank and I were about eight).  I think we wandered across what was later to become I-95 and we found a tree swing. It was not long before Frank showed up and told us we were in “his” tree and that was “his” swing! Long story short, after some lengthy discussion over Frank’s ownership of the tree, we became and remained very close friends. [Editor’s Note: What I really love about this story is that Frank was willing to take on four guys at one time.]

Edwina Millican Richards 

[Frank and Edwina grew up living next door to each other on Moore Avenue along the Trout River in Lake Forest.]

On a Saturday afternoon (after my shampoo and pin curls for Sunday), when we were about 5 years old, I took my paper scissors and got Frank and we went to the end of the road's driveway (it wasn't paved) and Frank gave me a haircut. We buried the hair so no one would know!

When we were much younger—probably 3 or 4—mother and Mrs. Albritton with kids in tow would check the mail in the afternoons. Our mailboxes were at the end of the road. One afternoon my mother gave me a piece of junk mail. Frank wanted it. I was clutching it next to my chest and he grabbed it and broke my collarbone. [Not surprising—he later took on four guys at one time.] I got him back several years later when we were playing in a tree [Frank’s tree] at the end of the road and I pushed him out and he lost his breath. I thought I had killed him.

Jan Tokarz Redden

Frank came over to my house one day on his scooter—we both had sort of a crush on each other. I remember he was showing off a bit and ran right over my foot with his scooter. I asked him why he did that and his response was “because I like you!”

Yes, they go way back!

The Princetons
Gary, Wayne, Frank & Wes

Gary on guitar
Frank on "gut bucket" 

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