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Judy Baucom Hunter
Alice Bartlett Mabry
As Frankie used to say:  

"If you're lucky enough to be a Ribault Trojan.....then, you're lucky enough!"
Welcome Home Trojans - Class of '67
February 2018
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Ribault Senior High School
Jacksonville, Florida

Class of 1967     

Notes & Reminders
A familiar sight.....
Were any of these your lockers?
High Five!
C'mon, up on your feet.  Where's that school spirit?  

Give me an "R"
"A Wing, or is it B?"
Track is now paved with hi-tech composite surface

Tommy Holt
Class of '67
Happy Birthday to our February Classmates

Linda Drury Drewery – 2
Eddie Dedmon – 7
Sandy Goodwin – 8
Jack Kelly – 10
Ann Smith Nowlin – 11
Wiley Collins - 13
Edwina Millican Richards - 13
Jerry Nelson – 13
Larry Nelson – 13
Alice Curry Gray – 14
Shirley Horton Goldstick – 16
Pam Rhodes Sweat – 16
Carol Mayo Stewart – 16
Gary Couliette – 20
Sherry Fitts Cantu - 21
Patty Prescott Naiff – 24
Ann Hall Hunt - 26

"I still can’t remember what is so great about February 14th."
George Diaz
Class of '67
LaTrelle Lee
Class of '67
Ribault High School
1967 Calendar Photo
Frank Albritton & Gail Rhoden Albritton ('68)
Carolyn Allen Heatwole & Charles Heatwole ('66)
Vicki Anderson Murff & Don Murff
Helen Barnes Lane & Barry Lane
Darlene Church Friend & Bobby Friend
Emery Clance & Jean Emerson Clance ('68)
Merle Courson Hurst & Billy Hurst ('65)
Kay Dees McGee and Ray McGee ('64)
Sharon Dewberry Lord & Rocky Lord ('68)
Terry Gentry Morefield & Ken Morefield
Helen Glover Keene & JW Keene
Bonnie Kelley Jennings & Neal Jennings
Linda Hall Wells and Benny Wells ('62)
Pat Knezevich & Carrie Reid Knezevich ('71)
Ann Long Webb & Doug Webb
Cynthia McElhaney Barrow & Bill Barrow ('65)
Ellen Outlaw Cannon & Philip Cannon ('66)
Charles Porter and Wanda Wood Porter ('71)
Cathy Ramback Gissendaner & Angus Gissendaner
Leo Smith & Sarah Weber Smith ('69)
Morris Spence and Gail Smoak Spence ('69)
Linda Vaughn Simpson & Larry Simpson
Wayne Williams & Debbie Christopher Williams ('68)
Butch James & Debbie Cunningham James ('68)
Donald Kelley & Kathy Yates Kelley ('69)
​Glinda Gail Clark Gay & George Gay ('65)
Then....there were those of us who were clearly....SMITTEN!
Gary Coulliette & Becky Day (as told by Gary)

"I remember having a pretty big crush on Becky Day in either the third or fourth grade. I'd wait for her and ask to carry her books for her. If I remember correctly, I had some competition and had to be quick to beat that other boy out after school. I don't remember who it was. Funny!"

Mike Register & Jan Tokarz Redden (as told by Jan)

There was a story circulating that when Mike and Jan were in the first grade together, Mike was very persistent in stealing a kiss from Jan every morning. We caught up with Jan and asked if there was any truth to this rumor. Here is Jan's version of the facts:

"Yes, the story regarding me and Mike is definitely true! I remember my Mom telling me the teacher would call her and she would have to bring me a change of clothes because I was so sweaty from being chased before school started. Through it all, Mike and I have remained friends even though we do not see each other very often. Good memories!"
Alice Bartlett Mabry & Steve Nelson (as told by Alice)

"My family had just moved to Jacksonville. After school, Steve's mother drove over to our house, parked her station wagon at the curb and walked up to the door and introduced herself. She asked my mother if I could go that night to the Valentine's Dance with Steve. My mother said yes and I was so excited I could hardly stand it. We walked Steve's mother back to her station wagon and there, hiding under the dash, was Steve. I still remember the dress I wore. Steve, I believe you were my very first date."


Alice & Kent Davis (as told by Judy)

​Alice once told me that one time when she, Kent and a few other fellow students were sitting at a table in the library, Kent looked at her and said "You look like a bullfrog!" She was mortified! Well, Alice you know what they say, when a boy is mean to you, it usually means he likes you. Alice went on to tell me that she always had a crush on Kent. Well, didn't we all? (Steve Nelson, too). And, just for the record, you look nothing at all like a bullfrog.  
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Mike & Jan

Gary & Becky

Steve & Alice

Alice & Kent

None at this time


This month we celebrate St. Valentine’s Day and what better month to feature our Ribault Sweethearts. To be a Ribault Sweetheart you had to be a member of the Class of 1967 and either are married to another member of the Class of 1967 or someone else who attended Ribault Senior High School.

Our records show that the following are Ribault Sweethearts. If you are a Ribault Sweetheart and are not on our list, please let us know. If you are no longer a Ribault Sweetheart and are on our list, please forgive us.