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Judy Baucom Hunter
Alice Bartlett Mabry
As Frankie used to say:  

"If you're lucky enough to be a Ribault Trojan.....then, you're lucky enough!"
Welcome Home Trojans - Class of '67
September 2017
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Ribault Senior High School
Jacksonville, Florida

Class of 1967     

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Charlene Barrow
Class of '67
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LaTrelle Lee
Class of '67
Renee Sallah Smith-1
Herman Hansen-1
Bill Lape-4
Jan Tokarz Redden-5
Leo Merthens-8
Linda Fromby Glisson-8
Patsy Evans-14
Janice Belflower Lafear-16
LaTrelle Lee LaFevre-19
Wayne Weathers-19
Dan Peyton-19
Marigene Chappell O'Connor-20
Faye Southerland Gaston-20
Charlene Copeland Abbey-21
Mike Register-24
Judy Haar Songtag-28

Happy Birthday to our September Classmates
Larry Simpson
Class of '67

Our 50th Reunion was a blast!

"Larry, I think we made a wrong turn somewhere."
Look Who Came:
Helen Barnes (Lane)
Charlene Barrow (Catlett)
Alice Bartlett (Mabry)
Judy Baucom (Hunter)
Janice Belflower (LaFear)
Lucille Evelyn Bohannon (Hodges)
Donna Branham (Bennett)
Glenn Broadstreet
Janie Bryan (Hathcock)
Brenda Budd (Russell)
David Byrd
Buddy Campbell
Darlene Church (Friend)
Emery Clance
Gail Clark (Lay)
Cathy Copps (Hillis)
Susan Crause (Spalding)
Kent Davis
Eddie Dedmon
Kay Dees (McGee)
Darlene Dennette
George Diaz
Linda Drury (Drewery)
Bobby Friend
Larry Ganas
Debbie Gandy (McBride)
Terry Gentry (Morefield)
Helen Glover (Keene)
Raymond Godbee
Hal Greenman
Lance Hall
Sandra Harwell (Blankenship)
Karl Holliman
Jackie Hurley
Tyra Ingram (Cable)
Patricia Jacobs (Tschappat)
Alan Jones
Ricky Jones
Bonnie Kaneer (Vacher)
JW Keene
Donald Kelley
Jack Kelly
Mike Key
Joan Kilpatrick (Stallworth)
Pat Knezevich
Barry Lane
Sharon Lane
Terry Leachman
La Trelle Lee (LeFevre)
Martha Leggett (Riebel)
Ann Long (Webb)
Cynthia McElhaney (Barrow)
Mary Ann Mears (Crumley)
Ken Morefield
Laura Munns (Barnhart)
Rudy Murray
Mary Musselwhite (Bennett)
Jerry Nelson
Elisabeth North (Nightingale)
Nancy Pace (Ford)
Linda Parker (Dixon)
Chip Pallman
Betsy Parks (Trimble)
Gerald Pember
Vanessa Perry (Bowden)
Charles Pickering
Mike Register
Ann Smith (Nowlin)
Samuel Staats
Larry Waters
Doug Webb
Lynn Whitelaw
Wayne Williams


Marsha Brackett Miller
Linda Wolf (Turner)

A few photos from the weekend......more to come.  If you have photos you would like for us to post, please send them to Judy at  We know everyone, especially those  who were unable to make the reunion, would enjoy seeing how we all look 50 years after graduation! 
Alice Bartlett Mabry & Wayne Williams
Judy Baucom Hunter & Jerry Nelson
​Cathy Copps Hillis & Eddie Dedmon
Jerry Nelson & Emery Clance
David Byrd, Judy Baucom Hunter 
& Debbie Gandy
Kay Dees MGee, Alice Bartlett Mabry
& Judy Baucom Hunter 
La Trelle Lee LeFevre, Kay Dees, Judy Baucom,
Susan Crause Spalding & Alice Bartlett Mabry
Alice Bartlett Mabry, Wayne Williams
& Debbie Christopher Williams
George Diaz, Buddy Campbell & David Byrd
Alice Bartlett Mabry with her husband, Neil.
George Diaz & La Trelle Lee LeFevre
Martha Leggett Riebel (photobombing...we love it!), 
George Diaz, Judy Baucom Hunter & David Byrd
Rudy Murray & Darlene Dennette
Frances Stewart
Class of '67

The Class of '67 is saddened to announce the death of our beloved classmate, Martha Leggett Riebel on September 11, 2017.

Click here to read Martha's obituary and sign her on-line guest book.
Martha Leggett Riebel
November 15, 1949 - September 11, 2017